Aduro H3 Lux Hybrid Woodburning / Pellet Stove


Aduro H3 Lux – Pellet wood burning stove with large glass door


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Aduro H3 Lux Hybrid Woodburning / Pellet Stove

Delivery July 2023 – A deposit can be taken to hold 

Aduro H3 Lux – Full Glass Door

What is Aduro H3 Lux? The prettiest wood pellet stove in the world? The most user-friendly wood burning stove in the world? Or is it both – and much more

The name of the stove is Aduro H3 Lux The Hybrid Stove. The name is a signal of future and highlights, that the stove can use both wood pellets and regular firewood. Firewood for the classic and cosy wood fire, and wood pellets for heat.


With Aduro H3 you will have:

    • A unique 180-degree view of the fire
    • Controlled manually or via smartphone
    • Programming options with weekly program and temperature control
    • Possibility for external air supply
    • Aduro-tronic automatic
    • External room temperature sensor is included as standard unit



Product Details

SKU 132-50603
Item Aduro H3 Lux
Warranty: 5 Years – When registered
Nominal Power: 7 kW Firewood / 6.8 kW Wood pellets
Operational Power: 2-9 kW Firewood / 2-7 kW Wood pellets
Weight: 135 kg
Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear
Max Log Length: 39 cm
Distance to combustibles: Rear: 75mm Sides: 700mm Furniture: 1000mm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1200 x 500 x 508 mm
Efficiency: 81% Firewood / 87% Wood pellets
Aduro-tronic: Yes

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