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  • Broseley Canterbury Electric Stove

    Choose the cast iron CANTERBURY for amazing adaptability. That classic look with subtle lines and pattern-work is just the start. It comes supplied with both hand-crafted artificial logs and a bag of polished pieces of anthracite. Arrange these how you will – all logs, all coals or a mixture. You also have a choice of door inserts: arched window (as standard), plain and arched lattice.

    £775.00 £600.00
  • Hunter Herald 5 Slimline Wood Burning Stove

    The Herald 5 Slimline is designed for those shallower fireplaces, and with a 5” flue for ease of installation our designers have thought of everything. The Herald 5 Slimline incorporates our Cleanburn technology and a hot airwash to keep the glass clean and clear.

    £899.00 £675.00
  • Hunter Herald 6 Multi Fuel Stove

    The Herald 6 is the envy of it’s competitors. That’s because not only has it been fully independently tested on both wood and smokeless fuel, but it gives an impressive output of up to 7.5kW, which is very high for its size.

    £1,049.00 £765.00
  • Hunter Herald 8 Multi Fuel Stove

    A solid favourite, Its warming toes all over the country – the Hunter Herald 8 is one of Hunters biggest sellers. This beautifully traditional model is dependable, modest, and convenient.

    £1,209.00 £869.00
  • Broseley Hereford 7 Gas Stove

    Built from steel with a matt black finish cast iron door, the HEREFORD is a striking addition to the Broseley range. With a large panoramic window and realistic log bed your room will be brought to life by the mesmerising flames. The HEREFORD provides a generous 4.7kW heat output, encompassing the whole room with warmth.

    £1,076.00 £785.00
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    UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019 and heating stoves

    There is growing concern about clean air which prompted the UK government to launch a consultation on its Clean Air Strategy in May 2018. This has now been completed and the Government released the final document on 14th January 2019
  • Complete Stoves Hetas registered.

    First steps in getting a woodburning stoves

    Buying a woodburning stove is not usually an impulse buy. You need to have a reasonable idea of where it could go and what is needed to keep it working efficiently. We’ll cover maintenance in a future blog post but
  • Government consultation may affect older wood burning stoves

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