Aduro 18 Wood burning Stove


Made of cast iron to get beautiful detailing, the Aduro 18 Wood Burning Stove has a double curved shape to give an elegant and light impression. With a large glass door, kept clean using the air wash system, to offer beautiful views of the flames there is also a large storage area underneath the combustion chamber which is perfect to conveniently store all of your fireplace accessories. The Aduro 18 is fitted with the Aduro-Tronic device which automatically adjusts the air supply within the stove to provide an optimal burn, and the stove is also compatible with the handy Aduro Smart Response mobile app which aims to ensure you get the correct combustion by telling you when the temperature of the stove is burning too high or too low, and when to add more firewood.


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Aduro 18 Wood burning Stove

Elegant and sturdy cast iron wood burning stove in a double curved shape which gives the stove a lighter expression. The choice to use cast iron was obvious because it has an elegant coarse-grained surface and gives a unique opportunity to cast beautiful details and bendings.
The broad view of the flames makes the fire a natural and decorative part of the cosiness. Aduro 18 has a door underneath the combustion chamber.


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Item Aduro 18

Warranty: 5 Years – When registered

Nominal Power: 6.5 kW

Operational Power: 3-9 kW

Weight: 150 kg

Flue Diameter: 150mm

Top/Rear Max Log Length: 50cm

Distance to combustibles: rear 22.5 cm, side 35/11cm, behind with insulated flue 15cm

Dimensions (HxWxD): 994 x 771 x 385 mm

Efficiency: 0.78

Aduro-tronic: Yes