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  • Broseley Serrano 5 SE Multi fuel Stove

    The Broseley Hereford 7 SE Stove is a multi-fuel burning stove and is DEFRA approved for burning wood and smokeless fuels in smoke exempt areas. It boasts a 7 kW output and an efficiency rating of 79.4%, so is therefore ideal for larger living areas. The Broseley Hereford stove also has a large firebox to accommodate larger logs and an adjustable grate for multifuel burning

    £807.00 £545.00
  • Broseley Serrano 5 SE Multi fuel Stove with Log Store

    The Serrano 5 multifuel stove is a modern looking stove and an excellent heating appliance. This stove is made from durable cast iron.

    With an output of 5kW and the infinitely adaptable looks which characterise the whole Serrano range, the Serrano 5 SE Defra Aprroved Multifuel Stove has the power to transform the look and feel of rooms in the size and style of house where most of us live. You Can see why it’s a favourite.

    £1,130.00 £809.00
  • Broseley Serrano 7 SE Multi fuel Stove

    Everything about the Broseley Serrano 7 SE DEFRA Approved stove is expensive. Its hefty 7kw heat output will radiate warmth around every cubic metre of the largest spaces, making it especially welcome in rooms which are open plan or where a wall has been removed between two rooms to create a spacious living area. So panoramic is the flame picture through the arched window, you can revel in the ever changing display from any corner

    £969.00 £685.00
  • Broseley Serrano 7 SE Multifuel Stove with log store

    The statement which the broad shouldered SERRANO 7 SE makes is all the more magnificent with the integral log store. It combines impact with convenience. Not only does its considerable capacity mean fewer trips to fetch wood from outside, the grain and growth rings on the cut ends of the logs and the pattern they form stacked together add a satisfyingly natural design element.

    £1,340.00 £935.00
  • Broseley Serrano Electric Stove

    The compact size and timeless styling would tempt you to place the cast iron SERRANO in the bedroom. In its electric version there’s nothing to stop you. Plug in, switch it on and sit back to enjoy its restful, flickering ambience. Like all Broseley electric stoves, it’s soothingly quiet. If tomorrow you fancy moving it to liven up the conservatory, that’s your privilege.

    £689.00 £535.00