Burley Hardwick 9405-C Wood Burning Stove (voucher code with this stove)


The Burley Hardwick 9405-C wood burning stove is the most efficient stove on the market. Proudly British built, the Hardwick stove features a solid cast iron door with a heavy-duty steel body. The wooden handles finish off the stove beautifully.

Please check delivery times before ordering thank you

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Burley Hardwick 9405-C (EcoDesign Ready)

(Free voucher code with this stove)

Please check delivery time before ordering thank you

  • 90.4%
  • 5kW Nominal – 6.4kW Maximum Output
  • Black
  • DEFRA approved

Height – 680 mm
Width – 450 mm
Depth – 420 mm

Weight – Stove 105kg