Aduro 15.1 Wood burning Stove


This version of the Aduro 15.1 has an open base where logs can be stored or the space can be left open so that the wall behind the stove as well as the floor is visible.

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Aduro 15.1 Wood burning Stove

Aduro wood stove 15-1 is a convection stove that has a very refined and exclusive design. The stove is equipped with an effective cleaning system that prevents soot on the glass. The soft curves and simple details of her beautiful finish give it a timeless look. Quality is thought in every detail with a combustion chamber in molded-vermiculite, a cast iron grate, nice curves and hidden hinges, which, in addition to aesthetics, ensures its sustainability.


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Item Aduro 15-1 Black

Warranty: 5 Years- When registered

Nominal Power: 6.5 kW

Operational Power: 3-9 kW

Weight: 86 kg

Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear

Max Log Length: 50 cm

Distance to combustibles: back 20 cm, side 34/11 cm

Dimensions (HxWxD): 795 x 779 x 366 mm

Efficiency: 86.00%

Aduro-tronic: Yes