Aduro 12 with Wood Store Wood burning Stove


Cubist wood-burning stove with large corner glass to provide stylish view of the flames from several angles. Aduro 12 Woodrack has an integrated module for firewood storage and is best fitted on a straight wall. Aduro 12 has the option of external air supply where air for combustion from an external source is connected directly to the stove. The air supply itself is concealed behind or beneath the stove. The optimum choice for very well-insulated homes.

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Aduro 12 with Wood Store Wood Burning Stove
Cubistic wood burning stove with large corner glass allowing great visibility from multiple angles

The Aduro 12 is the ideal corner model, as the flue pipe can be angled to either side

This model comes with an additional module for firewood storage: the optional Aduro Wood Rack

The modular Wood Rack is shown in the main images and designed to blend perfectly with the Aduro
12, creating a unique and fully integrated stove that will fit perfectly against a straight wall

Wood burning stoves need constant air supply to ensure clean and effective combustion. However, this can be a problem in modern, energy-efficient homes, which are often very airtight

The Aduro 12 is therefore outfitted with external air supply, meaning air for combustion can be brought from outside and led directly into the stove. The actual air intake is concealed behind or below the stove

6kW nominal heat output

Impressive high efficiency of 82.2%

As with all Aduro stoves, the Aduro 12 is a convection stove allowing reduced clearances and quicker heat distribution

34cm maximum log length

Boasting the exclusive ‘Aduro Tronic’ system that adjusts air supply automatically resulting in up to 40% less wood consumption!

Compatible with the optional Aduro Smart Response system which saves you time, money and energy by ensuring correct use of your wood burning stove

Optional Outside Air Kit also available


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SKU 132-50523WR

Item Aduro 12

Wood Rack Warranty: 5 Years

Nominal Power: 6.5 kW

Operational Power: Weight: 110 Kg

Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear

Max Log Length: 35 cm

Distance to combustibles: back 30 cm, side 20 cm

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1015 x 420 x 420 mm

Efficiency: 78.00% Aduro-tronic: Yes