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  • Aduro H1 Hybrid Woodburning / Pellet Stove

    The prettiest wood pellet stove in the world? The most user-friendly wood burning stove in the world? Or is it both – and much more. The name of the oven is Aduro H1 – The Hybrid Stove. The name is a signal of future and highlights, that the stove can use both wood pellets and regular firewood. Firewood for the classic and cosy wood fire, and wood pellets for heat.

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  • Aduro H2 Hybrid Woodburning / Pellet Stove

    Bringing firewood and pellets together in one beautiful stove, the Aduro H2 Hybrid Wood Burning/Pellet Stove has been designed to heat your home with maximum environmental efficiency, whilst taking full advantage of the ease and comfort of pellets. The H2 Hybrid is also external air compatible ,which means that once installed with the Fresh Air Kit, air for combustion is brought from the outside and seamlessly led directly into the stove without affecting its appearance, as well as DEFRA approved for installation into properties within Smoke Controlled areas.

    The Aduro H2 Hybrid is also equipped with the Aduro-tronic Automatic take over. This smart device automatically regulates the air supply to ensure you get an optimal combustion, which results in up to 40% less wood consumption.

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